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cartfog.jpg Cartographers Dilemma, the paper

symposuimgraphic.jpgThe Cartographers Dilemma is an ongoing collaboration between academics and activists that examines urban design praxis in an era of pervasive computing, using projects, papers, and symposia. It asks:

  1. Why is the city less and less a stage for recursive knowledge creation and synthesis in the era of ubiquitous computation and interaction?
  2. Why do existing noetic economies (knowledge systems) discourage the creation of public spheres that grip on to new knowledge environments?
  3. How can the city become a system of entangled environments for learning, reflection, and play, where intellectual and emotional evolution persists, without stalling?
  4. How can we create disparate, yet collective, mechanisms in the city for accessing and instrumentalising the knowledge embedded in the city?
  5. How can we create streetscape forums to develop intelligent, playful, and joined-up thinking about our relationship to the phenomenological environment?
  6. How can we rethink the neighbourhood enclave and reprogram them as precincts for knowledge creation, creative action, and playful reflection?
  7. What can we do to get new interface ecologies on the ground linking the city space and data-landscapes?
  8. Does the sustainable city require an autopoetic and quotidian chat space on the street?


: Architect, Director of the Geddes Institute of Urban Research, University of Dundee, Scotland

David Walczyk: Information Interaction Designer, coordinator of the Cultural Informatics Lab Pratt Institute New York

Paul Guzzardo: Paul Guzzardo- Designer (AgitProp and otherwise) and Plaintiff - St. Louis, Buenos Aires

graphic - jesse codling