We never billed laser\net as the prototype platform to ban numbness. It was a rough copy. We know not quite yet what form this platform will take (this dialogue is simply a prolegomena for any future platform that may come forth as landscape). But we know what it is not. It is not simply a cushy myspace corner, because the sum of private encounters are more private encounters, and the platform is a public rally. Nor is it simply a large projection screen because that is urban art and there aren't enough artists out there anyway. We are suspicious of the capacity of spectacle to aestheticise reality so we can slumber in our private narcissisms. It must celebrate darkness, (nowhere, it seems, do we allow country and city to get dark anymore).

We know what we want. We want landscape terrains as agoras for synthesis and awareness. We want to foster participation and criticality. We propose remix platforms as the sites for collaborations between farmers, milkmen, managers, constables, contractors, builders, designers, artists, social scientists, even anyone with an interest in the land. We need a social science practice (what we did not have for laser\net) that will survey rural vox popular with the same statistical rigor as we use for soapsexandwar, to incorporate vox in the re-mix platform. We need a future technology that will sensor the environment - imagine crop dusting the land with micro-sensors - to monitor environmental shifts in food chain ecology, in bio diversity, and make visible how they are effected by land use. Without aestheticising them. Make the networks readable so that we can insert our stories into them, and so make them landscape stories. Let the landscape speak, let the landscape become the screen and platform for our stories.