new media + new space

The installation, laser\net is a collaboration between

  • Paul Guzzardo, St. Louis lawyer, media activist, and director of MediaArts Alliance +
  • John Bell and Adam Covell, principles of FXV Ltd London +
  • Lorens Holm, director of Humanities, Dundee School of Architecture + 

  • Chairs Catriona Macaulay and Shaleph O'Neill, Applied Computing and Interactive Design, University of Dundee.

Exploring ways of using new media to create forums for democracy 
....creating spaces for people to congregate. Congregation depends upon the extent to which people can identify with a space. This is my/our space to congregate. This in turn depends upon a certain degree of stability. This project will explore how ideas about the stability of personal identity, and the identification with spaces is effected by, transformed by the new digital media. This is brought to our attention by recent use of digital media to organise mass protest, and by the Chinese government's attempts, using the same media, to prevent it.

Transcripts of sessions

an AHRC funded workshop of the Geddes Institute for Urban Research, University of Dundee