University IT staff hand late Christmas present to The Brae

Christmas cheer among staff in the IT department at the University of Dundee has led to a late present for the Brae Riding School for the Disabled. IT staff at the University held a charity raffle at their Christmas party which raised £221.50, which they are now presenting to the Brae. Staff donated and gathered prizes for the raffle, bought tickets and took part in money raising games. “Our Staff Support Group asked staff to provide suggestions of where we should donate the money raised and they have selected The Brae as it received the most nominations,” said Carolyn Bain, graphic designer in the IT department. “We think The Brae do great work and we are delighted to support a local charity helping local adults and children.” Carolyn and Eric Jacobson, Network Analyst in UoD IT, will be donating the money at the Brae Riding School for the Disabled on Wednesday March 12th (time??). For more on The Brae see: ENDS