`Scotland’s Referendum: A Guide for Voters’

The University of Dundee’s `5 Million Questions’ project is supporting the launch of a new book `Scotland’s Referendum: A Guide for Voters’.

The referendum on 18th September 2014 is the most significant democratic event in Scotland’s history. What has been lacking until the publication of this book is a truly objective accessible and concise presentation of the context and the various points of view in the debate.

The book has been written by journalists David Torrance, Director of the 5 Million Questions project, and Jamie Maxwell.

In their preface they describe book as `A straightforward, non-biased voters’ guide to the independence referendum… it is deliberately concise and balanced. Our aim was to provide a primer for each of the main issues surrounding independence, as well as to accurately represent the views of those on both sides of the debate.’

The non-partisan handbook covers everything a voter should know, from history to the political key issues in a clear, non-academic, insightful way. This is a completely objective, comprehensive guide that is important for every Scottish citizen to read regardless of whether they are planning to vote YES or NO in September, or have not yet decided.

The book has been selected as Waterstone’s Scottish Book of the Month and is available now in paperback and ebook editions.

Scotland’s Referendum: A Guide for Voters by Jamie Maxwell and David Torrance

ISBN-13: 978-1-910021-54-5 paperback £5.99

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