Diabetes UK honour for Professor Stephen Greene

Professor Stephen Greene, a world renowned expert in diabetes in young people, has been chosen to give the prestigious Arnold Bloom Lecture at Diabetes UK's conference in Liverpool next week.

Professor Greene, who holds a Chair in Child & Adolescent Health at the University of Dundee, will deliver his lecture on 'Diabetes in the young: technology, engagement and context' at the conference on Thursday.

'For many diabetes patients across the world, the context in which they live markedly affects the treatment offered and the acceptance of the condition,' said Professor Greene. 'With the increasing incidence in Type 1 diabetes the difficulties encountered in different environments and social settings is considerable, requiring support and direction from an international 'diabetes family'.

'Innovative approaches are required to deliver the best treatments. Diabetes is a growing problem around the world and the rise we are seeing among young people with the condition poses a long-term problem.'

This is the second year in a row that a Dundee academic has presented the Arnold Bloom Lecture. Professor Greene follows on from his colleague Professor Andrew Morris.

'I think it is strong recognition of Dundee's eminent position as an international centre for excellence in diabetes research that we have successive speakers for what is one of Diabetes UK's most prestigious lectures,' said Professor Greene.

'That is something which has been built up through excellent work over the past three decades in Dundee. Indeed, Ray Newton, one of our notable predecessors and someone who did so much to really build Dundee's reputation in diabetes research and treatment, gave this lecture back in 1999.'

Professor Greene is the Director of the Scottish Children's Research Network, was Secretary to the Academic Board of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (1998-2003) and the International Fellow of the RCPCH (2005-2010).

In 2011, he was elected as the President of the International Society for Paediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD), a position he holds for another two years.

The Arnold Bloom Lecture is named in honour of the former Chairman of what was then known as the British Diabetic Association, now Diabetes UK. Arnold Bloom was a popular and respected diabetologist at North London's Whittington Hospital. He served as Chairman of the Medical and Scientific Section of Diabetes UK, then known as the British Diabetic Association. Later he became Vice Chairman then Chairman in 1980 of the BDA and Vice President of the Royal College of Physicians. He had a talent for friendly communication and worked hard and successfully to make diabetes less of a burden. He died in 1992.

In keeping with the ideals of Arnold Bloom, this lecture is awarded to a person who is a healthcare professional working in diabetes care and has contributed significantly to improving the quality of clinical care of people with diabetes.

The Diabetes UK Professional Conference takes place in Liverpool from March 5th to 7th.


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