Book aims to resolve tension between regulations and reality

University of Dundee academics and their national and international collaborators have produced a new book aimed at helping professionals to consider and address ethical dilemmas that can arise in contemporary professional practice.

Although codes of conduct and ethics provide guidance, professionals have to exercise their own judgement in increasingly complex and demanding roles and work contexts when applying them to practice. At times, this can lead to conflict between personal, professional and interprofessional ethics due to the dynamics of the person-centred environment they function in.

‘Exploring the dynamics of personal, professional and interprofessional ethics’, co-edited by Professor Divya-Jindal-Snape and Dr Elizabeth Hannah from the School of Education, Social Work and Community Education at the University, seeks to spearhead the debate about these ethical dilemmas, and ways of working with them in an informed manner.

Aimed at students, academics and professionals, the book draws on the perspectives of 40 authors from four continents to explore the dynamics of ethical dilemmas using theory, research and practice-based examples.

Professor Jindal-Snape said, “Having worked across different disciplines and countries, I have always been intrigued by how personal and professional ethics are shaped, and interact within an interprofessional context.

“This led to the idea of undertaking research and subsequently editing this book. What is unique about this book is that these dynamic interactions are explored through the lived experiences of the professionals and service users by authors who represent a wide range of person-centred professions and disciplines, both academic and practice based, from across the world.”

Professor Jindal-Snape is Director of the Transformative Change: Educational and Life Transitions (TCELT) Research Centre at the University. She has taught across a range of professions, including education, community education, social work, educational psychology and health care in India, Japan and the UK.

Dr Hannah is Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology, and previously worked as a secondary school teacher and educational psychologist. She is a member of several professional organisations and has co-authored a number of book chapters and articles.

She said, “Throughout my professional life I have tried to stay true to my personal and professional values when working with children, parents and other professionals. This has at times raised ethical dilemmas due to the need to balance different perspectives and work within an increasingly complex social, political and economic environment. 

“My prime motivation for producing this book was to provide a stimulus for discussion and debate amongst professionals and those involved in their training. ”

‘Exploring the dynamics of personal, professional and interprofessional ethics’ emerged from research undertaken by Professor Jindal-Snape and Dr Hannah and their colleagues at TCELT.

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