Electrical Engineering Collection

Cooling device

"Cooling Device c.1920s-30s"
This device allowed very large currents to pass through exposed terminals with little resistance.
DUNUC 3772)

Axially Laminated Rotor for Reluctance Motor

"Axially Laminated Rotor for
Reluctance Motor c.1960" Developed by Dr Cruickshank and Dr Anderson, this influential machine enabled other manufacturers to improve their designs.
(DUNUC 3450)

Electrical Engineering has been taught at the University of Dundee since the institution began as University College, Dundee in 1883. Electrical Engineering was part of Physics and based in the Peters Building.

A separate Chair of Electrical Engineering was established in 1947, and in 1950 construction of the Ewing Building began.

It was the first major new building for the University since the First World War and was completed in 1954.

In 1970 the Electrical Engineering Department added 'Electronics' to its name. In 2000 the subject merged with Physics again and currently forms the Division of Electronic Engineering, Physics and Renewable Energy.


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