Civil Engineering Collection


"Phymeliometer c.1960s" Used to record the duration of sunlight.
(DUNUC 3762)


"Theodolite c.1960s-70s" Used for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes.
(DUNUC 3466)

Museum Services has an interesting collection of engineering instruments, many of them dating back to the early days of teaching in University College, Dundee.

Civil Engineering has been taught at the University of Dundee since the institution began as University College, Dundee in 1883.

For many years Civil and Mechanical Engineering were taught as one subject in what is now the Harris Building.

In 1956 it was suggested that a new building was required for Civil and Mechanical Engineering which at the time was cramped into obsolete buildings and a jute shed.

Construction of the Fulton Building was started 1960 and by 1964 Stage I of the building was opened providing improved facilities for both Civil and Mechanical Engineering.


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