Early Images of the Chemistry Department

On display in the Lamb Gallery, Tower Building 31 January - 1 March 2003

All these images are reproduced courtesy of Archive Services.


exterior of the Carnelley Building

Exterior of the Carnelley Building

This rare view was taken before the western extension was added in 1889. Although built by local architects Ireland & MacLaren, the design of the chemistry building was greatly influenced by the first chemistry professor Thomas Carnelley. One of its most notable features was a ground-breaking air purification system - the forerunner of today's air conditioning. In 1890 it became one of the first buildings in Scotland to be fitted with electric light.

Archive Services, CMS 1/1 (94)

main lecture theatre

Main Lecture Theatre, Carnelley Building, c.1910

This room has been preserved largely intact today. It was originally built to seat 170 students, and was unusually well equipped. The Dundee Advertiser of 4th October 1883 reported that the demonstration table "is fitted up in the most complete manner with gas, water, air blast, powerful electric current from the dynamo in the engineering work- shop; also with the supply of oxygen gas."

Archive Services, CMS 4/1/35 (34)

Chemistry students and staff

Chemistry students and staff, 1888

Prof Carnelley can be seen third from the right in the front row.

Archive Services, CMS 1/1 (77)

early experiments

Early experiments in the Chemistry Laboratory

Archive Services, CMS 1/1 (74)

chemistry laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory, c.1900

Archive Services, CMS 2/1 (74)

students in the laboratory

Students in the Laboratory, c.1950s

Archive Services, CMS 1/1 (87)

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