Teaching Charts from the Chemistry Collection

Chemisch-Techn Wandtafeln
by G & J von Schroeder, Germany

The original 15 charts in this series of 50 were created by G & J von Schroeder and published between 1884 and 1887. Various others continued the series into the 20th century. The aim was to show the latest chemical industrial processes with which Germany at that time led the world. Museum Services have 10 of the series - a selection is reproduced below.


table 31
XXXI - Carbonisation of Wood

table 32
XXXII - Coke Oven

table 33
XXXIII - Gas Roasting Oven

table 34
XXXIV - Iron Blast Furnace

table 36
XXXVI - Refining of Cast Iron

table 40
XL - Rolling Mill

Chemical Lecture Diagrams
by Dr Geoffrey Martin, England

This series of 36 charts was created for use in both schools and colleges. Museum Services currently holds 35 of the 36 charts - here is a selection.


Martin chemistry chart Martin chemistry chart
Martin chemistry chart Martin chemistry chart

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