Highlights from the Chemistry Collection

An exhibition in the Lamb Gallery, Tower Building
31 January - 1 March 2003

Leeds Weissenberg camera

Leeds Weissenberg Camera, 1950

When the University was founded as University College Dundee in 1881, it was envisaged as a modern, scientific institution, and chemistry was one of its key subjects. The Carnelley chemistry laboratory was the first building to be purpose-built on the new campus, and it rapidly established itself as one of the country's leading centres of teaching and research. One report of 1889 claimed that "few laboratories in the kingdom yield as much work per cubic foot per year".

This exhibition by the University Museum Services features rare scientific instruments and teaching material from the Chemistry museum collection, as well as early images of the Carnelley Building courtesy of the University Archives.

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Model of the Carnelley Building

Model of the Carnelley Building, 1958

The Carnelley chemistry laboratory was built in 1883 and extended in 1889. A further storey was added in 1950 and another in 1958.

This model was created as part of the plans of this final extension.

The building is now being altered once again to link it to the Old Medical School.

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