Diabetes trial to test virtual coaching

Help for people living with Type 2 diabetes could be just a tap away thanks to a pioneering project launched by the University of Dundee.

The Diabetes Human Information Behaviour Study, led by PhD student Dominic De Franco, is seeking people living with the condition to assist with the development of an app that would introduce patients to a panel of virtual coaches, enabling them to live more healthily and manage their chronic conditions.

Dominic, said, “We need the help of locals to gather as much information as possible on what it is like to live with the condition.

“Type 2 diabetes currently affects 1 in 20 of the Scottish population and because it is so common a lot of people don’t think it is as serious as it is, but left untreated it can cause the loss of limbs and even eyesight. Recent research suggests that the effects of the condition can be reversed or mitigated by patients using low-carb diets, exercise and giving up risk factors such as smoking.

“Our study focuses on developing a personalised application that will allow users to interact with a panel of health, exercise, diet and social coaches right from their phone and computer. If successful it could also help reduce the strain on the NHS as it will help participants take responsibility for their own health management.”

In order to take part in the study, participants will complete two workshops and keep a diary for four weeks to help inform the app.

Participants will also be reimbursed for their time with up to £100 worth of Amazon vouchers each.

Those interested in taking part can do so at https://diabetesstudy.wordpress.com/ or by emailing d.f.defranco@dundee.ac.uk.

The trial is part of the EU Horizon 2020 Council of Coaches Project.

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