Family policies and race consultation

by Maggie Davidson

A new working party has been set up under the convenership of David Muir, associate dean, school of nursing & midwifery to consider the options for developing family friendly policies for University staff.

The working party will involve representatives from the trade unions: DAUT, Unison and Amicus/MSF, together with members of personnel services. Work will continue over the summer and it is anticipated that recommendations, in principle, will be made to the autumn meeting of the human resources committee.

In the meantime, the existing flexible working policy continues to be available to staff, subject to individual arrangements being agreed for operational purposes with heads of department.

Further information about the University's flexible working policies is available at or by contacting personnel services ext 4015.

In line with the requirements of the Race Relations Act 2000, the University will be developing a race equality policy which will set out our commitment to tackling racial discrimination and promoting equality of opportunity and good race relations between people of different ethnic groups. We plan to review the student services in this area, our policies and the employment practices that apply to staff. There will also be monitoring systems set up to ensure that we can highlight inequalities affecting students or staff from minority ethnic groups and take steps to remove any unfairness or disadvantage.

To assist us with the development of the race equality policy we would value your thoughts, opinions and ideas that would help the University eliminate racial discrimination and promote equality of opportunity and good race relations. We would be particularly interested to hear from any student or member of staff from a minority ethnic background.

Your views on matters concerning students should be forwarded to Irene Donaldson, equal opportunities officer for students and matters concerning staff to Maggie Davidson, equal opportunities officer for staff by Thursday 11 July.

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