photo of sea dog

Work by what will be the last class of ceramics students was exhibited at Duncan of Jordanstone last month.

Footsteps was the culmination of a 14 week project by the third year students, who produced a diverse and visually stunning range of work covering all forms of ceramics, from tableware to sculpture.

Such diversity was reflected in the work of Dean Robertson, Rob Pentland and Amy Bateman - all three students incorporated some inspiration from the sea into their work, but with dramatically different results.

Amy's delicate tableware was designed with the natural world in mind, reflecting the tonal changes which take place in the natural environment as the seasons change. Concentrating on industrial process of slipcasting, Rob's bottles also took on the colours of the sea, while Dean's Seadogs sculptures were inspired by sailors' mythologies, sea shanties and poems.

photo of tableware

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