Research grants

Applied Computing

Prof IW Ricketts, Dr SJ McKenna; Prof Sir A Cuschieri & Dr T Frank (Surgery & Molecular Oncology):£935 from Tenovus Tayside for 3D visualisation of sonoelastographic images of the human breast.

Biomedical Research Centre

Dr PR Clarke:£43,291 from Cancer Research Campaign for analysis of the molecular mechanism of Bcl-2 family proteins using cell-free systems.

Dr D Crouch, Dr LI McLellan; Dr D Bowen & Dr PG Cachia (Molecular & Cellular Pathology):£80,031 from Tenovus Tayside for peroxiredoxin 1: A potential suppressor of Myc transformation.

Dr PR Clarke:£20,400 from Cancer Research UK for equipment grant.

Dr PR Clarke:£44,394 from Cancer Research Campaign for regulation of apoptosis by intracellular signals (Senior Cancer Research Fellowship)

Cardiovascular & Epidemiology Unit

Prof H Tunstall-Pedoe:£500,560 from British Heart Foundation for Scottish Heart Health and MONICA cardiovascular epidemiology programme group: Dundee

Civil Engineering

Prof PA Davies:£15,476 from Engineering & Physical Sciences RC for turbulent mixing and layer formation in a boundary-driven rotating stratified fluid (Visiting Fellow).

Dental School

Dr AM Schor & Prof S Schor:£61,500 from Research Into Ageing for MSF: a novel cell activation molecule for promoting wound healing in elderly patients with diabetes.


Dr V Skretkowicz:£30,000 from Scottish National Dictionary Association Ltd for dictionary of the Scots Language.


Prof HR Jones:£800 from British Council for sustainability of rural livelihood systems (collaboration with Chiang Mai University, Thailand).


Dr JM Cornwall:£1,200 from The British Academy for youth and nationalism in the Czech Lands 1900-1940; A study of Heinrich Rutha.

Mechanical Engineering

Prof JR Hewit, Mr AP Slade & Mr BA Clift (Orthopaedics):£287,709 from Engineering & Physical Sciences RC for Robot-deployable ultrasonic bone cutting system (RODEOS).


Dr G Kennedy:£5,822 from The Royal Society of circulating endothelial cells in peripheral arterial disease.

Dr G Kennedy, Prof JJF Belch, Dr F Khan & Dr M McLaren:£15,657 from MERGE (ME Research Group for Education & Support) for chronic inflammation and apoptosis in chronic fatigue syndrome (Extension).

Prof AS Anderson:£78,000 from Scottish Executive for The Berry Project.

Molecular & Cellular Pathology

Prof EG Wright:£948,034 from Leukaemia Research Fund for LRF experimental leukaemogenesis specialist programme.

Dr R Fearns:£172,748 from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences RC for analysis of RNA synthesis initiation by respiratory syncytial virus.

Dr FV Fuller-Pace:£98,212 from Tenovus Tayside for the role of ubiquitylation of the RNA helicase p68, in its interaction with the nucleolar protein fibrillarin and its relevance for tumorigenesis.

Dr A Irvine:£7,440 from Tenovus Tayside for

Molecular basis of Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

Dr WHI McLean:£9,500 from Tenovus Tayside for synthetic ribozyme gene therapy for epidermolysis bullosa simplex.

Dr D Bowen:£48,826 from Tayside Leukaemia and Haematology Endowment Fund and Industrial Partner for clinical research nurse to support MDS clinical research infrastructure.

Prof B Burchell:£30,451 from Wellcome Trust for characterisation of the UDP glucuronic acid transporters present in human liver endo plasmic reticulum (Travelling Research Fellowship: Dr T Kobayashi) (Extension).

Nursing & Midwifery

Dr MC Jones:£19,409 from Chief Scientist Office for facilitating inclusion for people with learning disability within primary health care services: A pilot study (joint with Fife NHS Trust).

Pharmacology & Neuroscience

Dr CN Connolly:£247,564 from Biotechnology and Biological Sciences RC for a study entitled: ‘How are NMDA receptors specifically coupled to the excitotoxic cell death pathway in cereballar granule neurons?’

Dr CN Connolly:£7,680 from Tenovus Tayside for mechanisms and signals involved in 5-HT3 receptor retention within the endoplasmic reticulum.

Dr BG Frenguelli:£10,823 from Epilepsy Research Foundation for mechanisms underlying the release and role of adenosine during seizure activity.


Prof PHK Seymour & Dr LG Duncan :£42,569 from Economic and Social Research Council for reading acquisition and disability in European Orthographies.

Dr DD Potter & Dr RC Roberts (Medicine):£9,994 from Tenovus Tayside for assessment of attention function after closed head injury.

Dr MS Zeedyk:£4,500 from Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for improving children’s academic performance through transition support.

School of Fine Art

Mr MN Dalziel & Ms L Scullion:£3,892 from Sadler’s Wells Trust Ltd for foyer installation – Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.

School of Life Sciences

Prof Sir P Cohen:£3,546,513 from Wellcome Trust for a strategic award in integrated bioscience.

Prof DA Cantrell:£3,979,569 from Wellcome Trust for T lymphocyte signal transduction: Analysis of the biochemistry and biology of Rho family GTPases and the serine kinase protein kinase D in T cells.

Prof JA Raven:£219,298 from NERC for a study entitled ‘How do marine diatoms fix ten billion tonnes of inorganic carbon per year?’ (joint with University of Sheffield).

Prof A Lamond:£165,318 from Wellcome Trust for in vivo analysis of the regulation of protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) (supplement).

Dr SP Hoppler:£42,504 from Association for International Cancer Research for molecular mechanisms of Wnt protein function and inhibition of Wnt protein function in development and oncogenesis.

Dr AA Harper:£124,183 from British Heart Foundation towards an understanding of the development changes in integration of neuronal signalling in intracardiac ganglia.

Prof CG Proud:£142,932 from British Heart Foundation for regulation of protein synthesis kinase by MAP kinase signalling in cardiomyocytes.

Prof JJ Blow & Prof Sir DP Lane (Surgery & Molecular Oncology):£41,702 from Cancer Research UK for screen for inhibitors of replication licensing.

Dr AH Fox:£120,645 from Caledonian Research Foundation for biochemical characterisation of paraspeckles: a novel nuclear domain (Personal Research Fellowship).

Prof JA Raven:£719 from The Royal Society for conference grant.

Prof DMJ Lilley:£251,508 from Cancer Research Campaign for structure of nucleic acids and recognition by protein.

Dr JA Anderson:£500 from The Royal Society for European Science Exchange Programme (Dr Marcos Fernandez Garcia).

Surgery & Molecular Oncology

Prof Sir A Cuschieri, Dr PA Campbell & Dr T Frank:£197,896 from Engineering & Physical Sciences RC for optical trapping and manipulation of loaded microcapsules for sonoporation optimisation.

Prof PA Campbell:£4,621 from Engineering & Physical Sciences RC and Industrial Partners for UK Symposium on Medical Thermal Imaging and related techniques.

Prof Sir DP Lane:£28,000 from Cancer Research UK for annual equipment allocation – contribution to Micromass mass spectrometers.


Applied Computing

Dr S Parkes:£111,090


Ms F Stevenson:£5,000

Centre for Dental Innovations

Dr C Longbottom & Prof NB Pitts:£139,500 (Joint with Heriot-Watt University).

Clinical Pharm. & Therapeutics

Prof TM MacDonald:£680,325


Prof JJF Belch, Dr FS Daly & Prof AD Struthers (Clinical Pharm. & Therapeutics):£175,000

Molecular & Cellular Pathology

Prof JH Cummings & Prof G Macfarlane:£25,337


Prof DI Rowley:£66,126

School of Life Sciences

Prof MAJ Ferguson:£8,812

Dr W Meier-Augenstein:£83,255

Prof HG Jones:£30,000

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