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About the Collection

The University owns a significant international collection of textiles donated to Dundee College of Art (now Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design) by the Needlework Development Scheme.

Founded in Glasgow in 1934, the Scheme was run by J & P Coats and the four Scottish Art Colleges and aimed to collect examples of historic and contemporary embroidery from throughout the world for use as a national teaching resource. The collection was split up when the organisation disbanded in 1961, and is now dispersed throughout Britain, with the four colleges all holding substantial parts.

This site provides a basic database of NDS pieces in Dundee. Please click on one of the boxes below left to see more.


image of Hungarian embroidery

Hungarian Sleeve Decoration


Catalogue of African & Asian pieces

ImageRef NoDescriptionMakerCountryDate
Photo of textile ARTS:243 Skull Cap   Africa  
Photo of textile ARTS:245 Priest's cap   Manacha, Arabia  
Photo of textile ARTS:247 Small motif   Asia Minor  
photo of textile ARTS:258 Fragment    China  
Photo of textile ARTS:275 Border fragment   India  
Photo of Textile ARTS:276 Muslin Scarf   India 18th Century
Photo of textile ARTS:278 Fragment   India 19th Century
Photo of Textile ARTS:283 Coverlet from Bokhara   Russia  
  ARTS:284 Illustrated Folder   S W Asia / Russia  
Photo of Textile ARTS:293 Towel Scarf   Turkey  
Photo of Textile ARTS:294 Fragment   Turkey 18th Century
Photo of Textile ARTS:295 Fragment   Turkey  
Shadow Quilted Jacket ARTS:298 Shadow-quilted jacket   China ?  
Photo of Textile ARTS:313 Fragment   China  
  ARTS:314 Fragment   China  
  ARTS:994 Embroidered Hanging   China    


Copyright ©University of Dundee 2001

Catalogue of American Pieces

ImageRef NoDescriptionMakerCountryDate
Photo of Textile ARTS:282 Organdie Mat with Nanduti Lace     South America    
Native American Design ARTS:296 Folder of American Indian designs     North America    
Copyright ©University of Dundee 2001

Catalogue of European Pieces

ImageRef NoDescriptionMakerCountryDate
Photo of Textile ARTS:244 Strip of native darning   Albania  
Photo of Textile ARTS:246 Turkish Towel   Armenia  
arts248 ARTS:248 Band of embroidery   Austria  
Photo of Textile ARTS:249 "A Jour" E Zweybruck Austria 1934
Photo of Textile ARTS:250 "Madonna & Child" E Zweybruck Austria 1934
Photo of Textile ARTS:251 "Oesterreichische Tracht" E Zweybruck Austria 1934
Photo of Textile ARTS:252 Toy Horse motif E Zweybruck Austria 1934
Angel, 1937 ARTS:253 "Angel" Elsi Kay Köhler Austria 1937
Photo of Textile ARTS:254 Mat Tini Ehrendorfer-Skarica Austria 1934
Photo of Textile ARTS:255 "Sonnensegen" E Zweybruck Austria 1934
Photo of Textile ARTS:256 Cosy cover E Zweybruck Austria 1934
Photo of Textile ARTS:257 Fragment   Bulgaria  
  ARTS:259 Mat   Czechoslovakia  
arts261 ARTS:261 Border fragment   Estonia  
Photo of textile ARTS:262 Cushion Hede Kullenberg Germany  
arts263 ARTS:263 "The Four Evangelists" Stadtschule fur Handwerk Germany  
arts264 ARTS:264 "St Peter" Stadtschule fur Handwerk Germany 1934
  ARTS:265 "Flagellation of Christ" Stadtschule fur Handwerk Germany  
ARTS266 ARTS:266 Cushion cover C Landsberg-Julius Germany 1934
arts267 ARTS:267 "Falcon" (fawn) S Sardemann-Bernuth Germany 1934
  ARTS:268 Table centre   Greece  
ARTS269 ARTS:269 Border strip   Hungary  
ARTS270 ARTS:270 Runner - "Stag" Society for Applied Arts, Budapest Hungary 1934
ARTS271 ARTS:271 Circular mat from Sarkoz   Hungary (now Romania)  
image of Hungarian embroidery ARTS:272 Part of sleeve   Hungary  
arts273 ARTS:273 Border strip of peasant work   Hungary  
arts274 ARTS:274 Part of cuff   Hungary  
Photo of Textile ARTS:283 Coverlet from Bokhara   Russia  
  ARTS:284 Illustrated Folder   Russia / S W Asia  
ARTS285 ARTS:285 Embroidered sheet (sample)   Majorca  
  ARTS:286 unidentified panel   Spain 1934
ARTS287 ARTS:287 Cushion   Spain 1934
arts292 ARTS:292 Pillow front   Transylvania  
Photo of Textile ARTS:293 Towel scarf   Turkey  
Photo of Textile ARTS:294 Fragment   Turkey 18th Century
ARTS:295 Fragment   Turkey  
Arts996 ARTS:996 Madonna and Child with Joseph Emmy Zweybruck-Prochaska Austria 1934
ARTS997 ARTS:997 Two heads and foliage Emmy Zweybruck-Prochaska Austria 1934
Copyright ©University of Dundee 2001

Catalogue of British pieces

ImageRef NoDescriptionMakerDate
Textile panel with Hare design ARTS:201 "Hare" Mollie Wratten 1936
arts202 ARTS:202 Child's Dress E Clarke 1938
  ARTS:203 Baby's Robe    
arts204 ARTS:204 "Flowers" M Fletcher 1938
arts205 ARTS:205 "Peasant Dance" L M Welsh 1934
  ARTS:206 Cot Quilt - "Punch & Judy" C Franks  
arts207 ARTS:207 "Newhaven Fisherwoman" Lena Duthie 1934
Arts208 ARTS:208 "Spirit of the Future" Rebbeca Crompton 1937
arts209 ARTS:209 "The Village" C Wood  
Arts210 ARTS:210 Mat Rebecca Crompton 1936
Arts211 ARTS:211 Sampler Rebecca Crompton 1936
Arts212 ARTS:212 Circular Mat  Dorothy Benson 1948
arts213 ARTS:213 Sampler Dorothy Benson 1949
  ARTS:214 Skirt from Ayrshire Christening Robe   Early 19th Century
  ARTS:215 Folder    
arts216 ARTS:216 Kneeling Cushion J Nicholson 1951
arts217 ARTS:217 Lunch Mat in Holbein Stitch School of Stitching and Lace, Bookham 1950
arts218 ARTS:218 Magazine folder G Scott 1951
arts219 ARTS:219  Tea cosy E K Norris  
arts220 ARTS:220 Linen Cushion Marion Gracie 1952
ARTS221 ARTS:221 Mat in Khaki Drill W Douglass 1952
see above image ARTS:222 Mat in Khaki Drill W Douglass 1952
arts223 ARTS:223 Place Mat Birmingham College of Art 1952
  ARTS:224 Place Mat Birmingham College of Art 1952
  ARTS:225 Organdie Mat  L Willey 1953
Jewel Box by W Douglass ARTS:226 Jewel Box W Douglass 1953
arts227 ARTS:227 Work Box B Frazer 1954
arts228 ARTS:228 Place Mat   1954
arts229 ARTS:229 Hanging  J Gray 1955
arts230 ARTS:230 Mat depicting Lion M Nash 1956
arts231 ARTS:231 Mat depicting Bull M Nash 1956
arts232 ARTS:232 Mat depicting Horse M Nash 1956
ARTS233 ARTS:233 Dinner Mat D W Bishop 1956
  ARTS:234 Dinner Mat D W Bishop 1956
  ARTS:235 Dinner Mat  D W Bishop 1956
  ARTS:236 Dinner Mat D W Bishop 1956
  ARTS:237 Tablecloth M Connell 1958
ARTS238 ARTS:238 Linen Net Curtain   1960?
  ARTS:239 Folder of Diaper Patterns N M Jones 1960
arts240 ARTS:240 Net Curtain E Mason 1961
ARTS241 ARTS:241 Table Cloth for Sun Lounge   1960
  ARTS:242 Folder of Embroidery Ideas   1961
ARTS277 ARTS:277 The Creation of Flowers Rebecca Crompton 1934
Copyright ©University of Dundee 2001

Catalogue of Scandinavian pieces

ImageRef NoDescriptionMakerCountryDate
arts260 ARTS:260 "Tor catches the Hammer"   Denmark  
ARTS280 ARTS:280 Teacloth   Norway  
arts281 ARTS:281 Apron   Norway  
ARTS288 ARTS:288 Cushion cover Ingegerd Silow Sweden 1947
ARTS289 ARTS:289 Tea cosy   Sweden  
ARTS290 ARTS:290 Runner B Forsberg Sweden 1948
ARTS291 ARTS:291 Christmas mat U Kookum Sweden 1949

Catalogue of Miscellaneous pieces

The pieces listed here have no documented provenance,
although most are likely to have been collected in Britain

ImageRef NoDescriptionDateCountry
arts297 ARTS:297 Tunic   Eastern Europe?
arts299 ARTS:299 Paisley Shawl    
arts300 ARTS:300 Part of a Paisley Shawl    
arts301 ARTS:301 Evening Bag c.1960?  
ARTS302 ARTS:302 Apron    
  ARTS:303 Whitework    
  ARTS:304 Handkerchief with Whitework    
  ARTS:305 Carrickmacross Lace    
  ARTS:306 Handkerchief with Whitework    
ARTS307 ARTS:307 Two Mats    
ARTS308 ARTS:308 Embroidered Strip    
ARTS309 ARTS:309 Handkerchief    
ARTS310 ARTS:310 Scarf    
ARTS311 ARTS:311 Four Black Lace Collars    
  ARTS:312 Black Seersucker Length    
ARTS315 ARTS:315 Fragment   China?
  ARTS:995 Fragment of Whitework Collar    
ARTS2183 ARTS:2183 Three Gingham Place Mats    
Copyright ©University of Dundee 2001


(NB - pieces collected from Russia and Turkey have been listed under both Europe and Asia)

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