Tayside Medical History Museum Collections

There are over 2,000 artefacts in the medical museum collections. These range from a necklace which was believed to cure asthma to original bed plaques from Dundee Royal Infirmary.

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Ship's Surgeon's Case Sigmoidoscope Oilometer with Chart

Ship's Surgeon's Case, c.1890s
DUNUC 4369

DUNUC 4306

Oilometer with Chart
DUNUC 4308

Adson's Manometer Topocaine Anaesthetic Syringe Lister's Urethral Sounds

Adson's Manometer
DUNUC 4427

Topocaine Anaesthetic Syringe
DUNUC 8218

Lister's Urethral Sounds
DUNUC 8362

Davis Boyle's Gag (East Grinstead Model) Hey's Saw The Palmer Injector

Davis Boyle's Gag
DUNUC 4377(44)

Hey's Saw
DUNUC 7868

The Palmer Injector
DUNUC 7919

Cauter for Expiration Martin's Pelvimeter Clip applying Forceps

Cauter for Expiration
DUNUC 4259

Martin's Pelvimeter
DUNUC 8332

Clip applying Forceps
DUNUC 4377(13)

Intestinal Forceps Harrison's Steriliser Forceps

Sterilising Forceps
DUNUC 4377(14)

Intestinal Forceps
DUNUC 4377(16)

Harrison's Steriliser Forceps
DUNUC 4377(38)

Retractor Vaginal Depressor

Lowman's Bone Clamp
DUNUC 4377(30)

DUNUC 4377(35)

Vaginal Depressor
DUNUC 4437

Surgeon's Instrument Case
DUNUC 3968

Research & Diagnosis

The Barrow Coloured Lenses Eye Testing Kit Klinostik Opthalmoscope

The Barrow Coloured Lenses
DUNUC 3959

Eye Testing Kit
DUNUC 8236

Klinostik Opthalmoscope
DUNUC 8387

Ophthalmoscope Victorian Brass Microscope Auroscope

DUNUC 3956

Victorian Brass Microscope
DUNUC 4001

DUNUC 3922

Dr Esbach's Albuminimeter The Nunn Blood Gas Predictor Haemometer

Dr Esbach's Albuminimeter
DUNUC 4260

The Nunn Blood Gas Predictor
DUNUC 7836

DUNUC 7923

Magnetic Galvanometer Microtome Graviometer

Magnetic Galvanometer
DUNUC 4013

DUNUC 4021

DUNUC 4307

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Device Wright Peak Flow Meter Percussion Hammer

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Device
DUNUC 8197

Wright Peak Flow Meter
DUNUC 7997

Percussion Hammer
DUNUC 3916

Schiotz Tonometer Bramber Laryngoscope Urine Thermometers

Schiotz Tonometer
DUNUC 3958

Bramber Laryngoscope
DUNUC 4460

Urine Thermometers
DUNUC 8302-8306

X-Ray Tube Protective Goggles X-Ray Tube

X-Ray Tube
DUNUC 8318

X-Ray Goggles
DUNUC 4326

X-Ray Tube
DUNUC 8319

Pharmaceuticals & Anaesthestics

Pressurised Anaesthesia Container Glass Anaesthesia Bottle Octyl Nitrite Capsules

Pressurised Anaesthesia Container
DUNUC 4067

Glass Anaesthesia Bottle
DUNUC 4405

Octyl Nitrite Capsules
DUNUC 4116

Polymask Oxygen Inhaler Dr Nelson's Inhaler  Placebo Inhaler

Polymask Oxygen Inhaler
DUNUC 4426

Dr Nelson's Inhaler
DUNUC 4272

Placebo Inhaler
DUNUC 4111

Zymine Peptonising Tubes Ampoules of Aseptule-Aduitrin Ampoules of Syntometrine

Zymine Peptonising Tubes
DUNUC 4428

Ampoules of Aseptule-Aduitrin
DUNUC 7932

Ampoules of Syntometrine
DUNUC 7956

Junior Disprin Iron cork press Glyceryl Trinitrate Patches

Junior Disprin
DUNUC 4136

Iron cork press
DUNUC 7860

Glyceryl Trinitrate Patches
DUNUC 4120

Box of Schimmel Needles Sodium Bicarbonate Intravenous Infusion Plastic Scissors

Box of Schimmel Needles
DUNUC 4071

Sodium Bicarbonate Intravenous Infusion
DUNUC 4164

Plastic Scissors
DUNUC 7878

Box of Prontosil Ampoules-small‌                      Intal Spinhaler Demokit‌                               
Box of Prontosil Ampoules
DUNUC 4031 
Intal Spinhaler Demokit
DUNUC 4113-4114 

Bandages, Splints & Prostheses

Metal Leg Fracture Splints Elbow Splint Artificial Peg-Leg

Metal Leg Fracture Splints
DUNUC 4070

Elbow Splint
DUNUC 8211

Artificial Peg-Leg
DUNUC 4364

Elastoplast Nonad Tulle Non-adherent Bandages Ribbon Gauze

DUNUC 8076

Nonad Tulle Non-adherent Bandages
DUNUC 8322

Ribbon Gauze
DUNUC 8323

Teaching Resources

Anatomical Model of Lungs Anatomical Model of Kidneys Replica Human Skull

Adam Rouilly Model of Lungs
DUNUC 4446(1)

Adam Rouilly Model of Kidneys
DUNUC 4446(2)

Replica Human Skull
DUNUC 7990

Stereoscope American Frohse Anatomical Chart Tramond Eye Model

DUNUC 3778

American Frohse Anatomical Chart
DUNUC 3840-10

Tramond Eye Model
DUNUC 9101

  The Human Factory-Small‌                             
The Human Factory
DUNUC 10177 

Medals, Certificates & Badges

Ogilvy-Dalgleish Gold Nursing Medal Medal Commemorating 100yrs of the PA Herzen Cancer Institute of Moscow Badge from Dundee Royal Infirmary Nurse's Uniform

Ogilvy-Dalgleish Gold Nursing Medal
DUNUC 3939

Medal Commemorating 100yrs of the
PA Herzen Cancer Institute of Moscow
DUNUC 4246

Badge from DRI Nurse's Uniform
DUNUC 3944

Medal for Proficiency in Mental Nursing Dundee Royal Infirmary Medals Radium Certificate

Medal for Proficiency in Mental Nursing
DUNUC 4417

Dundee Royal Infirmary Medals
DUNUC 8053

Radium Certificate
DUNUC 4348

Miscellaneous Treatment

Dental Cement Chiropodist's Case Ingram's Whirling Syringe

Dental Cement
DUNUC 4422(1)

Chiropodist's Case
DUNUC 3909

Ingram's Whirling Syringe
DUNUC 7835

Hillson Asthma Necklet Doctor's Bag Electrocardiograph

Hillson Asthma Necklet
DUNUC 8237

Doctor's Bag
DUNUC 8242

DUNUC 8243

Kidney Dialyzer Inflatable Rubber Ring Petit's Tourniquet

Kidney Dialyzer
DUNUC 8380

Inflatable Rubber Ring
DUNUC 8169

Petit's Tourniquet
DUNUC 8118

Infrared Radiant Lamp Ultraviolet Lamp and Goggles Vitalograph Female Continator

Infrared Radiant Lamp
DUNUC 8223

Ultraviolet Lamp and Goggles
DUNUC 8225

Vitalograph Female Continator
DUNUC 8340

Hospital Life

Plaque from DRI Bed endowed in Memory of Captain Boase, 1916 Eastern Region Health Board Printing Stamps Plaque from DRI Bed endowed by D C Thomson, 1927

Plaque from DRI Bed endowed in Memory of Captain Boase, 1916
DUNUC 8290

Eastern Region Health Board Printing Stamps
DUNUC 8034

Plaque from DRI Bed endowed by D C Thomson
DUNUC 8246

Presentation Plate from Dundee Royal Infirmary Silver Dining Implements from DRI Place Mat from DRI

Presentation Plate from Dundee Royal Infirmary
DUNUC 3945

Silver Dining Implements from DRI
DUNUC 8393

Place Mat from DRI
DUNUC 3992

Cup & Spoon for Dispensing Medicine Steam Kettle Steam Kettle with Detachable Spout

Cup & Spoon for Dispensing Medicine
DUNUC 8207

Steam Kettle
DUNUC 8097

Steam Kettle with Detachable Spout
DUNUC 8099

Bath Thermometer Bath Instruction Card Hot Water Bottle

Bath Thermometer
DUNUC 4425

Bath Instruction Card
DUNUC 8213

Hot Water Bottle
DUNUC 8381

Pampa Razor Shaving Razor Hair Clippers

Pampa Razor
DUNUC 4283

Shaving Razor
DUNUC 8082

Hair Clippers
DUNUC 8024

Urine Collecting Bottle Bandage Dispenser Ceramic Tile from Ward 2, DRI

Urine Collecting Bottle
DUNUC 4238

Bandage Dispenser
DUNUC 8210

Ceramic Tile from Ward 2, DRI
DUNUC 3967

Sampels used by Prof Tulloch‌                                              
Set of Vaccinia Tubes
DUNUC 4037 

To see more of our objects, why not look up our SCRAN project, Highlights of a Scottish Medical History Collection. Go to the SCRAN Homepage and type "13 in project" into the search box. 


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