Anatomical Models

The Cox Chair of Anatomy at University College, Dundee was established in 1888 as part of a major public campaign to establish a Medical School in the city.

Andrew Melville Paterson was appointed to the chair and quickly built up a museum of specimens and models for teaching. Only a small amount of the original collection survives - all human remains are housed in the current Anatomy Museum in the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification while models and other teaching aids are kept by Museum Services.

Shown on this page are a selection of models from the anatomy collection.

Prof A M Paterson

Prof A M Paterson
(Archive Services)

Embryo model Embryo model

Models of human embryo development, probably by Ziegler of Freiberg, c.1890s (DUNUC 9104 and 9108)

Brain Embryo model Brain Embryo model Brain Embryo model

Models of brain development in the human embryo, by Ziegler of Freiberg, c.1890s (DUNUC 9140-2)

Embryo model Embryo model

Details of boxed models of human embryo development, by Les Fils d'Emile Deyrolle of Paris, c.1900s (DUNUC 9148 and 9150)

Eye model

Model of the human eye, by Tramond of Paris, c.1900s (DUNUC 9101)

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