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Two Night Stands: OAPAO

Happening: Friday 24 March and Saturday 25 March, 10am - 5pm

Event: Saturday 25 March, 5pm

In the third instalment of the Two Night Stands Happenings, OAPAO will be revisiting the genre of the horror movie, borrowing its tropes and tensions to explore some of the themes sparked by an exhibition they produced in 2013, titled Phenotypic Plasticity. Working with film, writing, sound and performance, the potential power of the apparatus (both the tools and their operational frameworks) are split across the four perspectives of the makers.

Following the eponymous One Night Stands that launched the careers of leading UK artists two decades ago, Two Night Stands brings a new a series of ephemeral projects. In a spirit of contesting space and politics, Cooper Gallery will be taken over by artists and collaborative groups between 17 March to 8 April.

Two Night Stands /// OAPAO

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OAPAO is a collective of four artists working in Glasgow: Mark Briggs, Amelia Bywater, Sarah Forrest and Rebecca Wilcox. Their collaboration began in 2013 with the exhibition Phenotypic Plasticity, a project that involved a number of exchanges between the artists where only parts of works were made visible to each other. What developed was a sprawling, fragmented narrative through video, writing and sound works, of attempts to acknowledge each other or address something that lies out of the frame of sight. The position of ‘author’ became uncertain, dispersed or assembled from parts; placing the mechanisms that normally steer the movement of information into question. This work was presented as part of ReMap (2013), the biannual contemporary art festival held in Athens, Greece. A variation and re-edit of this project was compiled and presented by gas-tower in Carlton Studios, Glasgow, in October 2013 as part of Transmission’s Public Building exhibition programme. Since then, OAPAO have been making a horror movie.

Image courtesy of OAPAO.