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Exhibition Preview

Janey Muir and Cordelia Underhill - Entrance Preview

Please join us for the Preview of the exhibition on 27 September between 5 and 8pm.

Exhibition: 28 September - 13 October

Offsite Interventions: 15 October – 27 October

Entrance is a space to introduce ‘things’ both material and abstract through a collaborative process undertaken by Janey Muir and Cordelia Underhill. Although the individual practices of Muir and Underhill are distinctly different in character they share a recognition and use of the transitory effects of material and the space it can occupy. The artists will work with the idea of 'entrance' in mind, both as a physical place and a symbolic event. The exhibition will be continuously developed during and after its presentation and will extend beyond the immediate space of the gallery in a series of off -site workings.

Entrance is the inaugural exhibition to take place in our newly named Cooper Gallery Project Space (formerly Lower Foyer Gallery). Functioning as a test bed, the space will continue to encourage experimental and process-led works and support DJCAD graduates, emerging artists and curators through providing significant opportunities to publicly present their work.

Janey Muir works with found material to build unsure temporary environments, offering a physical presence to match the sensation of social anxiety. Surfaces borrowed from the household and studio are presented askew, manipulating the surrounding environment and blurring architectural planes: walls become floors.

Akin to the visual disturbances of anxiety, the components and space are not permanent. Objects perform to body and body performs to object, each taking and offering control. In the nature of being interchangeable, components are reused or returned to their original status, reinstating their intended use-value, consequently remaining fluid, in flux.

Janey Muir graduated from Master of Fine Art, DJCAD in 2010.

Cordelia Underhill collages, draws and paints on different surfaces; constructed and found. She uses line to define and open the space of drawing. The themes of her work are built upon figurative narratives found in the tension and space between figures or forms. The materials employed are often those that seem to manifest a story of relation that is strained or dysfunctional in its telling; the seductive surfaces of advertising print that imply a sensual connection actually withheld, and home improvement or interior design products that never fulfil the promise of polish they seem to offer.

Cordelia Underhill graduated with a practice-based PhD from DJCAD in 2010.

This event is free and open to all.

Cooper Gallery Project Space (formerly Lower Foyer Gallery) is located in the Crawford Building, DJCAD.