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A Sonic Meditation | Visual score workshop with Ariki Porteous

A Sonic Meditation
A visual score workshop with Ariki Porteous
Wednesday 5 December, 5.30–7pm
Cooper Gallery

For the final note of the Event Series of Bow Gamelan Ensemble: Great Noises that Fill the Air at Cooper Gallery, artist and musician Ariki Porteous invites you to participate in an improvised musical ensemble, drawing upon her own sound practice and methods used in her collaborative projects.

Deconstructing the gamelan influenced Sonic Youth song She is not alone alongside using rhythmic video excerpts and field recordings to act as a basic structure for a visual and aural score that participants will respond too. We will make sound with instruments and voices, using minimalist techniques of repetition, looping, duration and space as a means to create a sonic meditative experience.

Workshop is free and no experience required.

To book a place please email


Ariki Porteous is an artist and musician who graduated in 2005 from Glasgow School of Art. She is a founding member of collaborative experimental sound projects Muscles of Joy and Full Eye.

Image courtesy the artist