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Duvet Brothers

Duvet Brothers

Performance: 5 November, 8 - 9pm

6 – 19 November

The Duvet Brothers reform to perform their iconic 1986 Live Multi-Screen Scratch Show

80's Scratch Video makers the Duvet Brothers have been invited to re-perform a seminal 18 screen, three channel, multiscreen show at the Visual Research Centre.

Rik Lander and Peter Boyd Maclean will perform the show originally presented at the Limelight Club in Soho on 30 Sept 1986. This will be the first time the influential 80's video artists have performed together since 1988. They will deliver the mix live just as they did in the 80's using VHS tape.

The 18 screen array will run for the following two weeks, until 19 November, as a gallery installation. The show coincides with the current DCA Discovery Exhibition: The Long Commute / Arcade by George Barber and Jaygo Bloom. George Barber was a contemporary of the Duvet Brothers.