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Writers in Residence

An Action of Words

An Action of Words

Writers in Residence programme

John Dummett, Ajay AS Hothi and Christina Manning Lebek

During the course of the Open Rehearsals and culminating Performance of A CUT A SCRATCH A SCORE: a comic opera in three parts between 17 – 21 Oct, the commissioned writers John Dummett, Ajay AS Hothi and Christina Manning Lebek carried out a 'live writing' action in situ to publicly share observations and reflections in a dedicated space at Cooper Gallery. This space acted as a collaborative text, in which common ideas and responses were drawn out and addressed by the writers.

The Writers in Residence programme took as its starting point Jean-Francois Lyotard's proposition in The Differend (Phrases in Dispute) that an event cannot be represented accurately by rational theory. Live writing – an emerging form – explores the potential of writing as a reflexive process. Moving beyond merely 'reportage' the Writers in Residence programme widened and deepened the discourse surrounding the event of A CUT A SCRATCH A SCORE.

The observations, reflections, annotations and commentaries are published on a blog

The Writers in Residence was open to the public between 17 and 21 October in Bradshaw Art Space (and adjoining DJCAD Board Room, Crawford Building).

AN ACTION OF WORDS-Writers in Residence is supported by the Critical Writing in Art and Design Programme, Royal College of Art.