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25 June 1998

Award for fight against cancer

A cancer specialist from the University of Dundee has collected this year’s BACR / Zeneca Young Investigator of the Year Award at a ceremony in Dublin.

Dr Ted Hupp’s work as post doctoral research fellow in the department of molecular and cellular pathology explores how cells control the growth of human cancer. At the age of 35 his contribution to knowledge of the disease has been recognised by the British Association for Cancer Research, who present the award at their annual meeting and provide a platform for scientists to publicly present their work.

Dr Hupp acknowledged: 'My research has only been possible because of the University’s links with Ninewells Hospital which provides a realistic programme in understanding cancer. Ninewells is a hopeful and optimistic place to work as research is translated onto a practical level. The congenial, interactive atmosphere makes it an extremely pleasurable and promising centre for cancer research.'

Originally from West Virginia, Dr Hupp met his English wife Dr Kathryn Ball while studying in the United States. The couple made their transatlantic move to Scotland five years ago when both secured jobs in scientific research at the University of Dundee.

Contact: Dr Ted Hupp
(01382) 632663

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