25 October 2001

Information-highway 166

photo opportunity 11.15am, Friday 26 October, Tower basement, Tower Building, University of Dundee.

The University of Dundee is opening its latest state-of-the-art computer suite with 166 PCs tomorrow (Friday 26) allowing students longer access hours to computing facilities and introducing a new CD writer enabling students to save four years of work on one CD.

Principal Sir Alan Langlands who will officially open the suite tomorrow with a computer simulated countdown said: "IT facilities are vital to learning and teaching in higher education. I am delighted that we are providing a central and welcoming facility that will allow students to access instantly" the technology they need for their studies."

The University of Dundee is pioneering the use of IT in teaching with a new Centre for Digital Imaging and Virtual Medical School. Cutting edge software, described as the Photoshop of the 3D imaging world, will be used by students to create special effects in the School of Television and Imaging. The University is also leading Scotland's five ancient Universities in an international virtual learning initiative for medical education. The Virtual Medical School will pool expertise and harness IT to exchange and enhance medical learning all over the world.

The tower basement at the centre of campus has been transformed from library storage space to accommodate a brightly lit high tech suite with the latest furniture and fittings. Over 100,000 books weighing 300 tonnes were moved from the tower basement to make way for the new IT suite costing 600,000. The new suite hosts four large rooms with a central foyer complete with a staffed help desk.

IT services at the University have consolidated their resources by closing several smaller suites across campus and bringing the computers together to increase access hours for students. The new suite is fully accessible for disabled users.

New facilities include high capacity laser printers, a high speed data network and four rooms equipped with whiteboards and projectors designed for teaching as well as self-study.

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