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Centre for Energy Petroleum & Mineral Law & Policy

Hallmarks of success

Established in 1977, the centre's growth following independence in 1992 has been beyond expectation. Graduate student numbers have risen from six in 1991 to over 130 (including 20 PhD candidates) in 1997, staffing levels have increased from three to 23, there are now over 40 honorary associates and the centre has moved into new premises. Professional training seminars and conferences attract some 400 professionals from industry, government and academia compared to approximately 25 in 1990. Exchange and joint-degree programmes continue to attract more students and the centre continues to play a leading role in training and consultancy. The centre's research funding has increased significantly due to the production of high quality research by academics and researchers with international reputations for teaching, research and consultancy. The centre's effective and committed team, together with its network of 'stakeholders' in industry, the professions, international institutions, associates, partners, the Petroleum and Mineral Law Education Trust, alumni and institutional support, have all contributed to building a world class institution. Its recognised international excellence in research was instrumental for the research rating of four achieved by the joint CEPMLP/law department submission.

The centre's approach was recently endorsed by Principal Dr Ian Graham-Bryce in his preface to the centre's Alumni Network Magazine - 'In the modern University, the activities which are most dynamic and worthwhile are usually characterised by certain key features: they are international in outlook, innovative, in touch with the practical world, linked with industry and are often multidisciplinary. These are certainly the hallmarks of the centre for energy, petroleum and mineral law and policy.'

The growth of student numbers heralded the launch of the centre's own alumni magazine in summer 1997. At the same time, the internet forum, ENATRES, was launched - offering subscribers a global internet forum to discuss emerging issues on energy and natural resources, law, policy and economics and events - conferences, publications, centre news, job opportunities and consultancy projects.

Recent awards to centre staff

Professor Thomas Walde, executive director of CEPMLP since 1991, was recently appointed as Visiting Professor on International Investment Law at the leading French University - Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales/Faculte de Droit, Universite de Paris - II (Pantheon-Assas).

This prestigious appointment complements his award of the Jean Monnet Chair of European Economics and Energy Law (1995-1999). He is the first recipient of this title which was awarded in a Europe-wide competition. Currently advising in Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Nigeria on oil and gas negotiations and petroleum and mining law, Professor Walde is the recognised authority on the new Energy Charter Treaty.

Ms Patricia Wouters, director of the water studies programme, has been invited by the International Advisory Group established by The World Bank to promote international co-operation in the Nile River basin and is on a US lecture tour.

Under the leadership of Dr Philip Andrews-Speed, the China Power Programme has been established. The Nuffield Foundation awarded a grant to Dr Philip Andrews-Speed and Stephen Dow to study the impact of the ongoing reforms in China's electricity sector.

New Appointments

In December, Dr Peter Cameron will join the centre as Professor of International Energy Law and Policy. Formerly director of the International Institute of Energy Law at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, Professor Cameron's most recent research studies are in the areas of gas regulation and the removal and disposal of offshore installations and structures in Asia and the Pacific. His wide experience of advising/managing advisory projects for numerous organisations is a welcome addition to the consultancy service offered by the centre.

Rona Carstairs, the centre's information services manager, joined in April 1997 from Marathon Oil UK, where she was responsible for the management of on-line and hard copy information services to offshore installations, and offices around the UK. The documentation centre provides a bibliographic search facility, help with research, and publishes papers in the areas of the centre's activities.

Developing the international training programme

The centre's external training activities continue to expand. During 1997 12 weeks of professional seminars were offered at different locations and training has been offered in Dundee, London, Qatar, Indonesia, China, Brazil and Malaysia. The centre develops and maintains strong links with industry and this year the professional training programme received substantial funding from Rio Tinto, Ruhrgas, WINGAS and Total; together with co-sponsorship from Price Waterhouse, Van Meurs Associates Ltd., The World Bank, Lynonnaise des Eaux, NM Rothschild and Sons, Kluwer Law International, Knight Piesold, Morton-Fraser International, Northumbrian Water Group, East of Scotland Water, Financial Times Global Water Report, Fyne Gold Exploration Ltd, Cameron McKenna, Denton Hall, International Petroleum Exchange, the Oil Daily Co., PIW Publications, Ashurst Morris Crisp, Richards Butler and Freshfields.

Another successful joint venture was the programme with the American University - Washington College of Law, on transactions in the global economy. This key strategic alliance with a partner University of considerable reputation in an optimal location is being expanded to offer a joint programme in international business and financial transactions.

Enhancing the quality of the degree programme

The centre is committed to a programme for academic visitors, serving to build up the international network and global outreach and providing additional diversity in the graduate teaching and research activities. Speakers for academic session 1997/98 include Mr Charles McPherson (senior energy advisor, The World Bank); Mr Hodson Thornber (senior advisor, Puttnam, Hayes and Bartlett Ltd); Mr Donald Reid (Morton Fraser Milligan); Dr H. Golsong (former General Counsel, World Bank); and Ms Penelope Brooke-Cowen (World Bank specialist on privatisation in the natural resources section).

In addition to its core staff, the centre has an impressive faculty of part-time and honorary teaching staff, including Professor Sornarajah of the National University of Singapore; Mr Dennis Stickley, an energy consultant from New Zealand; Dr Pedro Van Meurs, Calgary; Professor Keith Palmer, NM Rothschild and Sons; Professor Peter Davies, chief economist, BP London; Emeritus Professor Bentham; Mr Robert Elliot, department of law; and Dr Matthias Beck, department of economics, University of St Andrews.

Institutional consultancy

Mr Armando Zamora, appointed in January 1997 as the Rio Tinto senior lecturer and assistant director is responsible for consultancy activities and the mineral programmes. The growth in consultancy activity is reflected in the centre's move from being a project associate to a lead contractor. Recent projects include: TACIS project advising the parliament of Ukraine on energy laws; Asian Development Bank project advising the government of Vietnam on hydrocarbon policy; Indian Gas Sector Development project in collaboration with Bechtel and London Economics; and a European Union/China Synergy Project.

Staff continually seek involvement in projects which complement their research interests, this in turn feeds back into the academic programme from which graduate students derive benefit. The most significant centre publications have their origin in consultancy projects.

Focus on academic studies

The centre offers a wide range of courses on law and policy in the areas of energy, petroleum, mining and natural resources.

New degrees focus on international and comparative water law and policy and international business transactions. Future developments are planned in nuclear law. To meet the needs of students, a variety of degrees are offered including: LLM/Diploma, MSc/diploma in energy studies, MSc/diploma in water studies, MBA with CEPMLP specialisations and PhD.

The academic course links continue to strengthen between CEPMLP and The College for Petroleum and Energy Studies, Oxford as well as the Institut Francais du Petrole, near Paris.

The Scholarship Scheme with Rio Tinto plc/The Foreign and Commonwealth Office; and CEPMLP/Ince and Co. continues to flourish and attract new students. Recent students have been sponsored by a number of major organisations.

Study at the centre enhances the value in the global economy. This is demonstrated by the positions graduates from the centre have achieved.

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