Senate report by Dr Ian Francis

May's meeting was brief: a mixture of good and bad news. Positive signs on student recruitment for October 2002. The total number of applications had increased from 8200 to around 10000 with applications to the ex-Northern College accounting for only 40% of the increase. Firm acceptances of offers had also increased from 800 to 1051 with Northern College accounting for only 20% of that increase. While there were generally improvements across the board, the signs in science & engineering were particularly promising. On the down side it was noted that Dundee was below the sector average increase in resource allocation for 2002-03. The University's financial difficulties were compounded by the NI increase announced in the budget and the risks attached to the scale of the proposed capital programme.

The outcome of the RAE in terms of funding had also been disappointing despite the general success in terms of improved gradings. It was felt that consideration should be given to linking the RAE outcome with the University's underlying research strategy and reflecting on changes to the strategy which might be necessary. Members of Senate stressed that the outcome of the RAE should not be regarded with complacency in the University. It was agreed that a detailed, objective analysis should be undertaken to establish clear and generally accepted objectives before embarking on the next cycle.

Otherwise governance issues dominated with a variety of Ordinances being approved to enable the disaggregation of the faculty of science and engineering into two new faculties: engineering & physical sciences and life sciences.

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