Commendable English department

The department of English has continued its tradition of success by receiving a top grading from the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

The department's quality of teaching and learning and its quality of learning resources were found to be "commendable" - the highest rating the QAA awards in its academic review.

Following their visit to the department in January, QAA assessors highlighted committed staff, the quality of teaching and "clear success in a number of imaginative IT initiatives" as areas where the department shines.

The QAA also praised the department for contributing to University English graduates' record of success in a diverse range of careers and postgraduate study.

Head of department Dr David Robb said, "We are delighted that the high standards to which we work have been confirmed by the QAA. We were given a top grading by our Teaching Assurance Agency review in 1997 and it is great to achieve this again since it confirms that our provision for the study of English is spot on.

The QAA has recognised not only the quality of our teaching but also our commitment to creating a good relationship with the students. This is an important aspect of the department's effort and, like high quality teaching, is one which we feel is reflected in the success our students go on to achieve in their careers or in further study."

QAA assessors normally complete their assessment of academic departments over two visits. However, they were sufficiently impressed with the Department of English to complete their review in just one visit.

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