First spin out's 20th birthday

The University's first spin out company celebrates its twentieth year this year marking a landmark for the University's record on commercialisation.

DDS medicines spun out from the University's department of pharmacology and therapeutics in 1982 - the same year that Axis-Shield was set up. The company has gone from strength to strength providing a drug testing service for the pharmaceutical industry to establish the general health effects of drugs on humans after they have been deemed safe for testing. The data from the trials is then reported to the pharmaceutical companies so they can decide if the general health benefits of the drugs allow them to pursue its manufacture developing its therapeutic aims.

DDS Medicines, employing 65 staff, is based at Ninewells where they have a suite of rooms for volunteers to stay while the drugs are being tested. Five interior design students have just completed a project to re-design the entrance and office areas of DDS Medicines to celebrate its twentieth year. Erica Thomson, a final year interior design student has been chosen as the winner and her interior will be installed later this year.

Of the original team who started the company, Professor Ian Stevenson is still on the board of directors. The University owns 80% of DDS Medicines.

The company's success depends on healthy recruits who allow the drugs to be tested on them. Volunteers receive a study participation fee and travel expenses. Further information can be obtained by ringing freephone 0800 838249.

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